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Try it

If you have ever wanted to try gear before you buy it; there has never been a better place to do it than Outdoors Geek. We add massive amounts of new rental and demo gear to our inventory every year. We're talking Gregory backpacks, Marmont tents and bags, Big Agnes tents and sleep systems and more. For new items, we will credit the rental cost of individual items off of the retail price and take another 10% off if you buy it. For used gear, please see the table below. Call today at (303) 699-6944 for additional details!

Here's how this works


New Gear

We will take 10%  off the retail value of the item and credit your rental price. This could amount to $100 or more in savings on some items. Most often, you will need to return the gear we sent for your rental so we can send you a new item (based on availability).

Used Gear

Although used gear does not have the same discount as new gear, we do provide an additional "Try it" savings off the used gear price if you decide to purchase after renting.

If the used purchase price is under $120: Deduct $5 as a "Try it" discount.

If the used purchase price is from $121-$200: Deduct $10 as a "Try it" discount.

If the used purchase price is over $200: Deduct $15 as a "Try it" discount.

If you want to "Try it", you do not need to do anything different than when just renting from Outdoors Geek. Just let us know when your trip is complete that you would like to take advantage of the "Try it" option.

Limitations and restrictions

Outdoors Geek reserves the right to remove any product from the "Try it" program without notice. A few products, like canvas wall tents and wood burning stoves are not part of the "Try it" program.

Geek's Advice on "Try it"

 Using a product more than once will go a long way toward establishing whether or not it's just the right tent, backpack,sleeping bag, etc. for you. So, if your schedule permits, "Try it" by taking your new gear out more than once.  A two week rental or "try it" period may allow you to do this.