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Outdoors Geek Members Only

Straight up, Geek's have more fun! So why not make it official and become a member. We'll send you a cute little sticker that you can use however you put it on your computer at work or in the back window of your car. Or, give it to your son or daughter, kids love stickers.

Our memebership program is our way of saying "Thank You" to all the customers who chose to Rent It, Try It or Buy It at Maybe you'll become an Outdoors Geek member for the discount - but you'll keep coming back because your gonna love our committment to our Geeks....ah customers. And Geek's should stick together anyway.


For every $10 you make in qualifying purchases*, you earn a $1 discount on future purchases. Hey, that really adds up fast! We also have special "Geek Only" events open exclusively to Outdoors Geek members. Just so you know, we add your purchases up each year and starting in January of the following year, your Geek discount is available. So, buy all your friends and family members gear from Outdoors Geek for Christmas and you can get a great discount on gear for yourself in January!

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*Excludes sale/clearance items (prices ending in $._3), items discounted 15% or more, rental items/fees, gift certificates, sales tax and postage and handling.