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Outdoors Geek has partnered with Aspect Solar to bring you the most efficient portable solar generator in the world. Why so efficient? It automatically tracks the sun! So cool and so portable. The Sunsocket generator is an entirely self contained unit that is housed in a brief case. Seriously, this is James Bond kind of stuff.

But more importantly than James Bond, it's a cool practical way to power up when your away from home.


  • Charging your electronic gear like phones, games, tablets, and laptops
  • Light Up your tent or campfire areas using the on board 250W solar storage battery
  • Running a fan to keep the air moving in your tent at night
  • Glamour Camping - making your tent into a "tent hotel"
  • Teaching your kids about renewable resources and solar energy

Click here for information on renting the Sunsocket power plant.

Check here to see product specification and a video of the Sun Socket Solar Generator