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Glamour Camping Canvas Tent Rentals

Glamour camping, also known as "glamping", starts with a portable shelter, most commonly a canvas wall tent. And if you're looking for something a lot more comfortable than regular camping, Outdoors Geek has just the right gear and experience to help make it happen for you.

Outdoors Geek can provide a wide range of services for your event including "DYI" (do it yourself) Glamour Camping. We can have the gear arrive at your event for set up by your friends, family, or crew. Or, we can do all of the set-up and even light house keeping to make things just so.

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Imagine camping in a carpeted canvas cabin tent with a comfy cozy queen size bed and furniture like a hotel room. It's an outdoor experience with a nice touch of clean, comfortable indoor amenities. You can even cook inside on a two burner stove if the bugs are out or it's windy and cold.

We provide mobile glamour camping experiences. We serve corporate groups, weddings, family reunions, and just about any other type of group. Or, you can just rent a canvas wall tent and floor tarp and provide all of the inside comfort gear yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Canvas Glamour  Tents


What do I get in a Glamping Wall Tent rental?

You can get anything from just the tent and a floor tarp to carpeting, queen size beds, cots, chairs, benches, heaters, etc.

Do you ship Canvas Glamping Tents?

We ship our canvas wall tents all over the country. Please call us for a quote including the cost of shipping.

How big are your canvas tents?

We have 14' x 17' tent with 8.5' ceiling height. Our most common tent is 12' x 14'  with approximately  8' ceiling and our smallest tent is 8' x10' with a 7' ceiling height.

What are the features of your glamour camping tents?

First and foremost, all of our tents are in new or like new condition. Most of our tents have a zippered screen window in the back and a screen door in the front.

The canvas front door ties back or zips shut and in some models has an overlapping piece of canvas to protect from wind or rain.

We can also provide tent dividers if you would like to make a two bedroom or bedroom and a living area set up.

Are these tents safe if the weather gets bad?

These are the same style of tents used by Rocky Mountain hunters in back country camps many miles from civilization. They are tremendously sturdy and will hold up in significant wind, driving rain, or feet of snow.

However, as in any camping situation, there could come a time when seeking shelter is wise. When camping you should always keep an eye on the weather.

How hard are these tents to set up?

They take a bit more time than a smaller tent, but two people can set up a canvas wall tent in about 45 minutes the first time. We provide step by step written instructions with the novice in mind and can provide a video upon request.

Call us today at (303) 699-6944 to discuss your glamour camping ideas.

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