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Welcome to the comfort and convenience of hunting using a canvas wall tent. Outdoors Geek rents hunting tents to hunters all over the United States during the fall of each year. We try to make our rental periods work for your hunting event.  Give us a call at (303) 699-6944 or email us at

Colorado Big Game Season Dates 2016


We have added even more of 12' x 14' internal frame tents. These are the tents with frames as shown below. Please note that the internal frame tents are generally for local pick up only, but we have great traditional frames for shipping anywhere in the country. Call for details.

In 2015 we added many more 10' x 12" canvas hunting tents than we could possibly rent and we are increasing our inventory of 14' x 16/17' wall tents.



We have also added a number of 12' x 14' tents with two doors. This will allows hunters to put two tents together and have a 12' x 28' tent with separate sleeping and cooking areas in the same living space or any number of different set-ups depending on what works for you and your group.

"Outdoors Geek can help outfit your hunting party no matter the size or location."

We have 14' x 17' tents for groups up to five hunters,12' x 14' wall tents for groups up to four hunters, and 8' x 10' tents for hunting parties of one or two. And, see just below for our all new 12' x 28' option. If you are hunting during warm weather and do not need a stove, each tent mentioned above will fit one more hunter. Possibly more....but it will start to get pretty tight.

You asked for bigger tents and we are answering with the option for 12' x 28' hunting tents. This structure is actually two tents designed to perfectly attach together allowing for a tent with a sleeping area and eating/gear area. Or, with many hunting parties you will have some that want to sleep near the fire and some that want a cooler environment. The 12' x 28' wall tent set up will give everyone options for sleeping temperatures.


What to Expect from us

First, you should expect great gear. Our canvas wall tents are all in excellent condition. We take pride in our tents and you will notice it. Second, we have a lot of other rental gear you may want like wood burning stoves, cots, lanterns, chairs, camp kitchens, 2 burner stoves, sleeping pads, and more. And third, you will get personal service. Give us a call at Outdoors Geek and we will help you any way we can!
Please select from the following:

12' x 14' Wall Tent/Stove Hunting Package 12' x 14' Wall Tent/Stove Hunting Package
12' x 14' Hunting Tent and Stove rental package Davis Canvas Wall Tent  Hunting Package Includes: 12' x 14' Davis Canvas Wall Tent Internal frame for local pick up or traditional frames shipped Outdoors Geek "High Country" Wood burning Stove size is 28" x 16" x 13" OR Light weight folding stove for packing...
Item: DWT1214ws
Rent: $284.00

12' x 28' Wall Tent/Stove Hunting Package 12' x 28' Wall Tent/Stove Hunting Package
12' x 28' Hunting Tent and stove Rental Package   Davis Canvas Wall Tent             The "Colorado Wall Tent Package"   This, my friends, is how hunters who own their own wall tent set-ups do it in Colorado. We go big so we can get comfy. This hunting package is big enough to give you two rooms. Traditionally, one tent is ...
Item: DWT1228H
Rent: $484.00

14' x 17' Wall Tent/Stove Hunting Package 14' x 17' Wall Tent/Stove Hunting Package
Outdoors Geek 14' x 17' Hunting Tent and stove Rental Package Davis Canvas Wall Tent  These tents are white or light grey canvas. All of our tents are in excellent condition and include poles, pole bag, tent stakes, and stake bag. If well cared for, our top quality wall tents will provide you with a life time of camping enjoyment. Tent specifications are below. We ship...
Item: DWT1417SG
Rent: $299.00

8' x 10 Wall Tent & Stove Hunting Package 8' x 10 Wall Tent & Stove Hunting Package
8' x 10' Hunting Tent, Stove, Tarp Rental Package Hunting Package Includes:  8" x 10' Wall Tent Summit Ridge Woodburning  Stove 28" x 16" x 13" OR Light weight Ellis Folding Stove The 8' x 10' hunting tent rental package is a great cook tent or it's suitable for up to 2 hunters with a stove. It's small, bu...
Item: DWT810SG
Rent: $200.00

Outdoors Geek Range Tipi 10' x 10' Outdoors Geek Range Tipi 10' x 10'
Outdoors Geek Range Tipi Rental 10' x 10' This type of tipi, also known as a teepee, can be used for anything from camping fun to a Rocky Mountain spike camp for elk hunting. Geek Tip: This is a seriously good shelter....period. We supply a single pole to erect the tent, but you can also use a tree branch and rope that works just as well. Tipis are.....well, a bit unusual compared...
Item: DTAtipi10x10
Rent: $75.00