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 Used But Really Great Tents 

Nobody takes care of tents like Outdoors Geek. Every single time a tent gets used, it gets fully inspected and cleaned. And that is one of the big reasons why our tents are in such good condition when we sell them.

Our used tents are not perfect, but many are very close. The main area of wear on our tents is the tent bag itself. These bags get carried through the woods and beat up pretty good. Heck, tent bags are usually built so tight that just pushing the tent, poles and stakes in and out of them causes wear. So, we repair them.

As for holes or other damage, we either professionally repair them in our shop or send them to the manufacture for repair. This means that tents that we sell used do not need repairs. If that were necessary, we have already taken care of it.

So, why do we sell used tents? Two reasons mainly. One is to keep our inventory fresh. The second is that sometimes tents are discontinued and even though these tents are great tents, we cannot get more to replenish our stock, so we offer them to you at great prices.

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Alps Meramac 6P Tent Alps Meramac 6P Tent
Alps Meramac 6p tent The Meramac series tents are all free standing 2-pole designs with shock corded fiberglass or aluminum ferrules. The ferrules are the "connectors" that hold the poles together and are made from aluminum, rather than steel, because aluminum can never rust. The fiberglass poles are also normally one size larger than normal to offer you a sturdier...
Item: 695469
Price: $109.95

Marmot Limelight 2 person used tent Marmot Limelight 2 person used tent
Marmot Lime Light 2 Person Tent - lightly used Geek Tip: Are you kidding me? A quality tent for $119? It's true.  And a maximum weight of 5 lbs.  Check out reviews on line. This tent is the real deal folks. What Should I expect from this used tent? No one takes better care of a tent than the Geek. This tent has been a rental tent and is in very ...
Item: 2705ut
Price: $99.00