Today we bring you the last of the series of 5 blogs about  great places for camping which are also ideal for extreme sports. Today’s blog is about 3 Awesome MTB Trails In The Rocky Mountains.

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Colorado Trail Off Kenosha Pass

The Colorado Trail in Kenosha Pass is a 24-mile circuit that starts and finishes at the summit of Kenosha Pass. This beautiful Mountain Bike trail in Colorado is located on the west side of the Rocky Mountains and it is over 11,000 feet above sea level, a good thing to take in consideration before you go. It is highly recommended that you arrive early to the trail since in the afternoon it is common to have thunderstorms in the area.

Doctors Park

Doctors Park is well known as the best MTB trail in Colorado by Mountain Bike lovers. This trail is a loop of 19.5-miles that offer a 2,500 feet vertical road climb at the beginning, transitioning to a middle-ring double track trail at 10,877 feet, and then dropping downhill on one of the most exiting cross-country downhill’s in Colorado. The Doctors Park trail has everything you need to have an excitement MTB adventure in The Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Trail, Tiger Road

Located in Tiger Road, the Colorado trail belongs to Denver and Durango and is one of the biggest MTB trails in Colorado, with more than 500 miles of extension. The trail has several downhill sections that will definitely test your abilities to go down as fast as you can.

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