1. Sawyer Mini Water Filter

This is one of the items I have been meaning to get for a while now. I have read the reviews and for the size and value, this is a must have.

It has a  warranty of 100,000 gallons!

Sawyer water system

 2. Hennessy Explorer Hammock

I recently borrowed my Sister’s hammock and I slept on it in my porch for a whole week! I loved it! It is really convenient to set up, And you sleep so well, specially with the A-sym design. I have another hammock and you need to position really well so you sleep strait. But since the Hennessy is designed with that in mind, you fall into that position naturally. Great for multiple nights on a hammock.

“You might want to consider buying snake skins, for super fast setup!”


3.  Jetboil Sumo

I do not do a lot of backpacking, so wight is not a mayor factor for me. But I do a lot of surfing and you get hungry after a session out in the ocean, specially if it is on the colder side of things. So the bigger the Jetboil the better for me. A friend of mine has one and it rocks! great for breakfast before or after a surfing session. 


4. Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp 

The Eos light takes self-contained battery lighting to the next level! 

I have to say, I still do not own a headlamp, I have a number of flashlights and my bike has a nice LED light that can become another light so I have been stashing up on other items. But this baby is in my wishlist for a reason!



5. Therm-A-Rest Sleeping Pad

The one thing I noticed about sleeping in a hammock, was that your back does get chilly. So I would have to close my 5 item wishlist with a sleeping pad to make my nights outdoors as comfy as possible. 


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