At Outdoors Geek you can get all the equipment and gear you need to backpack and camp anywhere! All our equipment is clean and ready to ship wherever you need it. Today we share with you some information on the amazing Colorado Fourteeners, to incite you to visit these magnificent giants.

The Fourteeners are mountains or elevated peaks that go over 14,000 feet of elevation. There are 53 (some debate 54) Fourteeners in Colorado, making it the state with the most Fourteeners. Alaska, California and Washington also have some Fourteeners of their own. Half a million climbers visit Colorado yearly to climb these breath-taking peaks.

Colorado Mountain Goats

Top 10 Fourteeners in Colorado

Being the proud land of 54 Fourteeners, it’s no surprise to find many websites and organizations that protect and share information about Colorado’s imposing peaks. Most Fourteeners in the US are distributed along the mountainy chains such as the Rocky Mountains. Altitude and other characteristics allow us to rank these mountains. Here are our top 10:

  1. Mount Albert, 14,400 ftRocky Mountain 1
  2. Mount Massive, 14, 428 ft
  3. Mount Harvard, 14,421 ft
  4. La Plata Peak, 14, 368 ft
  5. Blanca Peak, 14, 351 ft
  6. Uncompahgre Peak, 14, 321 ft
  7. Crestone Peak, 14, 300 ft
  8. Mount Lincoln, 14, 293 ft
  9. Castle Peak, 14, 279 ft
  10. Grays Peak, 14, 278 ft


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