When it comes to backpacking, everyone has their own style. The industry is focusing more and more on customizing their gear towards each backpacker. There are few rules when it comes to your personal backpacking style, except when it comes to safety. The National Park Service is constantly looking to make the parks as safe for visitors, as well as the wildlife that calls our parks home. You may think it cramps your style, but when you go backpacking in our national parks, you have to carry a bear canister.

Rent bear canisters for backpacking

Renting a bear canister will keep you and the bears safe.

Types of Bears in North America

We have three types of bears in North America, the black bear, brown bear/grizzly bear, and polar bear. Polar bears stick to the Arctic. But, in Colorado, we need to be bear aware when camping in the Rocky Mountain Region. Brown bears and grizzly bears are no longer found in Colorado but can be found in Montana and more northern states. It’s important to be conscious of the types of wildlife you can encounter when you go backpacking, especially bears. And, be sure to carry the right safety gear to protect you and the bear.

Why Bear Canisters are Important

Importance of bear canister

The bear canister blocks the scents from your food and personal items so the bear doesn’t get curious.

Bears are generally not interested in humans. They will spot you – or smell you – long before you realize that they are there. And, they’ll most likely make themselves scarce. However, bears are curious creatures, and they have an incredible sense of smell. Food, lotions, shampoos, and detergents can all peek a bears curiosity drawing them near your camp. A bear canister is essential to keep the bear temptations at bay. In fact, in most National Parks, it is not just essential, it is mandatory for all backpackers.

Bear Safety

Your best defense against bears is to make sure you never encounter a bear. Of course, spotting a bear is exciting, but you always want to make sure there is plenty of space between you and the bear. Make sure you respect the bears’ personal space and take steps to make sure the bear respects your space.

Easy to Carry Bear Canisters


Rent bear canister

Strap the bear canister onto your backpack with this convenient and light-weight carrying case.

We understand that backpackers want to travel light. A bear canister seems bulky and hard to carry. In our bear canister rental program, we have considered both safety and convenience. Our bear canisters are lightweight, yet high quality, and come with a convenient carrying case. It’s the best way to keep you and the bears safe, allowing you both to explore the great outdoors in harmony.


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