Bring a bike with you on your next camping trip. Having a campground bike will make you more free, social, and mobile. See more of your surroundings, explore every inch of your campground, and get to know your fellow campers with Rambo campground bikes.

Rent Campground Bikes

Campground bikes

Rambo Electronic Mountain bikes are perfect for campground transportation and bikepacking.

If you’re already renting camping gear, throw in one of our Rambo Electronic Mountain Bikes. A bike is a perfect way to be more mobile around larger campgrounds. Campground bikes give you more freedom, allowing you to bike around the camp with ease, expanding your horizons in any direction.

Camping With a Bike

Each bike is easily strapped onto a car or RV to bring to the campground. The Rambo Mountain Electronic Bikes are the perfect mode of transportation for campgrounds and camping. Rambo bikes have fat tires that move across all outdoor terrains, especially fields and woodland.

Riding Bikes Around Camp

Be Respectful of Other Campers

Although you can get around quickly and with ease on Rambo mountain bike, you need to always show respect for your fellow campers. You’ll find many obstacles around camp that can cause accidents if you aren’t being careful.

Keep a Leisurely Pace

Rent Rambo bikes

When you ride your bike around the campground, be respectful of fellow campers.

Even though the bike has a battery to help you cruise around, you always need to keep a nice leisurely pace. It’s not a race, it’s camping.

Look Out for Kids and Campers

Always look out for children playing, pedestrians, cars, or fellow campground bikers. There will always be people coming and going from their campsite to other areas of the campground. Therefore, you must always be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Stay on the Designated Path

One of the biggest camp-biking faux pas is cutting through someone’s campsite. You may all be sharing a public campground, but you have to respect everyone’s personal space.

Campground Bikes Make You More Social

Having campground bikes to get around is a social tool. You can cruise around and introduce yourself to many more people. Many campgrounds cover a large area, so, having a bike gives you much more freedom and mobility to see more of the campground and meet more people than you would if you were on foot.

Outdoors Geek is always looking for new gear to enhance your camping experience. Our latest addition to our camping gear rentals are the campground bikes. Get all your camping essentials at our Denver retail shop, or arrange to have a camping package shipped to any destination in the United States.