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Colorado National Monument, the most overlooked geological wonder in Colorado. Photo by

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2016 marks the 100th anniversary of our US National Park System. In celebration, more people than ever are going to be flocking to our national parks. This is both good news and bad news. Good news, because we want people to visit our parks, explore and experience the wonders that each of them has to offer. However, the mass of people visiting the park is also the bad news. Fighting crowds, long lines, and overflowing campsites can leave some opting to stay away. But, all you have to do is look beyond the most visited National Parks and Monuments and head for the trails less traveled. One of the most overlooked monuments in Colorado is the Colorado National Monument.

Take the trail less traveled

For decades, Arches National Park has gotten all the attention, leaving Colorado National Monument virtually untouched. Steer clear of the crowds and visit one of the best kept natural wonders of Colorado. While there is a push to give this national monument National Park Status, the proceedings are currently at a stand still. This is more great news for those wishing to experience this “sample platter of South West geology” before it is overrun with crowds of tourists.

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Colorado National Monument is an 11-mile hike from the Liberty Cap trailhead, witnessing first hand towering monoliths and deep canyons that have been around since the Mesozoic. Take in spectacular panorama view from the top of Liberty Cap showing all the beauty of the Colorado landscape, before heading deep into Ute Canyon where you set up camp for the night.

Outdoors Geek loves the road less traveled, and we’ve got all the best gear and equipment for hikers and campers who want to take the less traveled road and visit Colorado National Monument. Wherever you go, and there are so many places to choose from, the right equipment will make all the difference, especially when straying from the beaten path.