The canvas wall tent is used for many occasions, from hunting to weddings. Therefore, there are plenty of wall tent manufacturers. But, only Davis Tents have earned the reputation as the premier manufacturer of canvas wall tents. And, they’re made right here in the USA.

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Custom handmade high-quality canvas hunting tents made in Denver, Colorado.

The Rise of the Davis Tent

Art Davis started working in the canvas tent industry in 1955. Since then, he has become known for his high quality, handmade in the USA, canvas tents. Every person at Davis Tent has first-hand knowledge of how each tent is put together. Every pole, frame, fly, and zipper is made specifically for your tent. Each element will be rigorously inspected. They take pride in their work and stand by each tent. That is why every Davis Tent comes with the name of the person who sewed it.

Refining the Canvas Wall Tent

Since 1955, Davis Tent has been making the highest quality hunting tents in the industry. They have refined standard features, seam construction, and stress point reinforcements. And, the Davis Tent is made right here in Denver, Colorado.

Quality Canvas

The highest quality huntin tent in the industry

The Davis Tent is the highest quality hunting tent in the industry.

Davis Tents can be customized, allowing the customer to choose the canvas treatment, tent options, system of setup, and size. When it comes to the fabric, the Davis Tent is made of cotton canvas. Cotton canvas is the most natural and breathable. It’s like living in a cotton cloud. But, to make our canvas tents durable and weather resistant for all season hunting trips and outdoor occasions we need to treat the canvas. With the Sunforger ® treatment applied to our cotton canvas, the Davis Tent can last a lifetime.

Rent Canvas Hunting Tents

At Outdoors Geek, we work with the highest quality outdoor gear in the industry. So, it should come as no surprise that our hunting packages feature Davis Wall Tents. And, we’ve got great hunting accessories, like wood and coal burning stoves. We’ve also got bunk bed cots that will give you much more floor space in your canvas hunting tent.

For more information on renting Davis Tent canvas hunting tents, contact Outdoors Geek in Denver. Choose from one of our pre-selected hunting packages, or customize your own hunting package from our large inventory of high-quality brand name outdoor gear.