Bear Warning SignA backcountry trip increases your chance to encounter a bear. It is, after all, their habitat. Some experienced backcountry backpackers think counter balancing your nylon food bag in a tree will do the trick. And it may, until your luck runs out…

Outdoors Geek rents the lowest price bear canistersHanging food in trees may be a popular method, but the safer and more reliable method is to use a Bear Canister, a portable hard-sided food locker. The purpose of the bear canister is to keep everything you put inside the canister secure from bears, raccoons, and any other wildlife that may be tracking the smell of your food, toiletries or trash.  When you’re out with your family and friends, you want them to be safe. You want to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bears or any other wildlife that come sniffing around your campsite.

Bear Habitat - store food properly

Bear Resistant Containers

Our Bear Resistant Containers are top quality, expert tested (by bears).

Tip from the GEEK

Stewardship of our land and resources is the number one reason I use bear canisters (and sometimes they are required).  If we do a good job securing our food sources when in the wilderness, bears don’t become educated that smelling a human equals finding food. So, two good things happen:

  • Bears do not have to be euthanized for causing problems, that are truly created by humans.
  • The campers that come after you will not be put in danger because bears are associating the presence of people with good grub.

The bear canister offers the best way to keep food items secure from bears and it can even be used as camp stools. Aside from from being the smart and safe choice, it’s also a mandatory item in many national parks and campgrounds. Contact the park rangers for specific information on the park you’re interested in.


You can rent bear canisters and carrying case at Outdoors Geek

Bear Canister carrying caseOutdoors Geek offers you the convenience of renting a Bear Canister. Who wants to store more camping gear? When you’re ready to hit the trail, Outdoors Geek has the lowest price anywhere in the country to rent your bear canister (often we are less than half the cost of others) 

Our bear resistant containers by Backpackers Cache have been proven very effective at keeping odors from being transmitted and therefore keeping bears, even the hungriest ones, from being attracted to your campsite by the smell of food. The hard sided canister is slippery so if you plan to strap it to your pack consider our bear canister carrying case. It will make your pack much more comfortable and as an added benefit we carry a selection of three sizes.

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Enjoy the outdoors without attracting unwanted guests. Rent your mandatory bear canister from Outdoors Geek and benefit from the discount and the peace of mind.

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