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Our commitment is to make every outdoor experience you have better. Because great gear matters. Whether it's family time or friend time, outdoor time is good time.

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Our Rent It program will ship the gear you need to your doorstep before your trip is scheduled (or pick up at our shop). All you need to do is have fun and send it back to us the day after your trip ends. It's simply the most convenient and easiest way to rent gear. No going to an out of the way brick and mortar store or hurrying back so your not charged for extra days.

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Everything you need to know about rental gear from Outdoors Geek.

Camping Packages

We provide gear for individuals, families and groups that number into the the hundreds. Whether your heading into your backyard, the Smokey Mountains, or anywhere else, we have a camping package for  you.

Backpacking Packages

Having great gear is even more important for backpacking. We have assembled packages of top of the line gear. Choose based on your favorites or your budget.


From family camping tents to one person tents to glamping tents to hunting tents. We really do rent camping tents. With Outdoors Geek, the world is your oyster 🙂

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