Stay Safe When Exploring the Backcountry With Emergency Communication Devices

Every boy scout and outdoors geek understands the importance of always being prepared. For backcountry exploration, there is nothing more important than having emergency communication devices. Should you ever find yourself in an emergency, you want to have the right...

Hug A Gentle Giant At Yosemite National Park

There is something about nature that simply detoxifies the soul. Maybe it's the pure air that recharges our energy and gives us time to think and regain our peace of mind. Yosemite National Park gives you the chance to experience this strong connection with nature,...

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Taking Care Of Your Camping Gear

Camping, hiking and most other outdoor activities are not just fun, but great for your health. Plus, everyone loves an opportunity to use cool camping gear and equipment, right? Usually, the equipment we use takes severe abuse, as the conditions where it was used were...

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Hiking In Coyote Country

Coyotes are amazing animals with incredible adaptation skills. Perhaps the reason why no other wild animal has endured the wrath of humans more than the coyote. Native Americans consider them to be the smartest animal on earth. On the other hand, some people curse...

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How To Build A Controlled Campfire

Nothing works better to stay warm and cozy, than a nice fire. It could turn your living room in a calm and romantic environment, or turn a beach barbeque into a nostalgic evening of fun with friends!  A well-built fire is also a vital element for any camping trip. In...

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Camp Responsibly And Avoid Wildfires

A campfire is a basic part of any camping experience, especially when camping in winter. Learning to build a strong roaring fire is considered a campsite success!  However, enjoying a roaring campfire will always come with responsibility.  It is your job to properly...

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Celebration of Bald Eagles this Weekend

Bald eagles are amazing, beautiful and powerful animals. For U.S. citizens, they have a strong and meaningful importance. The bald eagle is an opportunistic feeder, which subsists mainly on fish. They migrate from the north and can traditionally be spotted at Lake...

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Be A Kid Again And Slide Down The Hill!

Back in "the day", there wasn’t anything more exciting than making the most of Winter on top of my Dad’s old spare tire tube. Sliding down the hill was easy!  The problem was getting back up to the top. But for a few seconds of rushing adrenaline, I could go up and...

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