Inspecting your summer outdoor gear

With spring right around the corner it’s that time of year again to inspect your backpacking, camping and hiking gear.  A broken piece of gear in your kit can cause a huge problem if that gear is taken into the field.  The old saying goes a long way in making gear...

Camp Responsibly And Avoid Wildfires

A campfire is a basic part of any camping experience, especially when camping in winter. Learning to build a strong roaring fire is considered a campsite success!  However, enjoying a roaring campfire will always come with responsibility.  It is your job to properly...

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Celebration of Bald Eagles this Weekend

Celebration of Bald Eagles this Weekend

Bald eagles are amazing, beautiful and powerful animals. For U.S. citizens, they have a strong and meaningful importance. The bald eagle is an opportunistic feeder, which subsists mainly on fish. They migrate from the north and can traditionally be spotted at Lake...

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Be A Kid Again And Slide Down The Hill!

Back in "the day", there wasn’t anything more exciting than making the most of Winter on top of my Dad’s old spare tire tube. Sliding down the hill was easy!  The problem was getting back up to the top. But for a few seconds of rushing adrenaline, I could go up and...

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Get Ready For Turkey Hunting Season

Get Ready For Turkey Hunting Season

Spring turkey hunting limited license applications are open until February Don’t waste any time. Sharpen your aiming skills. Grab your gear and get ready for some hunting action. You may not believe that a turkey won’t give you any challenge at all. Yet, each year...

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Warm Your Engine For Ice Racing on Georgetown Lake

Looking for a high-speed adrenaline rush to warm up the winter? Look no further than, Georgetown Lake in Clear Creek County. Colorado's Ice Racing offers you the need for speed fix of the season.  That’s right! It might sound a little bit crazy because it is!  The...

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Hike On Enchanted Trails Under The Full Moon

Ski and snowshoe under the full moon Hiking is an amazing experience. But, hiking under the light of the moon, is a totally different world. You probably wouldn't just head to any trail in the middle of the night, but there are several state parks that are very aware...

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Suffering A Fracture In The Outdoors

Just like we mentioned on  our recent post, accidents may occur at any moment. Especially, when performing winter outdoor activities. Ice and snow are slippery and the cold weather keeps your muscles and joints frigid. These factors can increase the possibility of...

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Tips For Hiking With Your Dog

Are you one of those outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy hiking with your pet in Colorado State Parks? Maybe you made a resolution  to get in shape and promote a healthier life for you and your dog. These are all great goals for 2016; nonetheless, let's start by looking at...

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Treating Injuries In The Backcountry

Winter weather conditions create a fun playground for all kinds of sports enthusiasts. Winter sports and activities such as hiking, birding, ATV and snowmobile riding, cross-country skiing, sledding, ice fishing, wildlife viewing, and snowboarding are all popular in...

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