The Importance of Using a Bear Canister when Backpacking in Our National Parks

When it comes to backpacking, everyone has their own style. The industry is focusing more and more on customizing their gear towards each backpacker. There are few rules when it comes to your personal backpacking style, except when it comes to safety. The National...

Winter Camping for the serious camper!

You know you are a true nature lover when the temps dip really low and you are still amped to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors! But it also takes some serious planning and preparation to be able to enjoy a winter camping trip without taking and unnecessary...

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Preparing for Winter Camping with the Geeks

Outdoors Geeks has the expert advice you need to make every encounter with the outdoors a positive one. We know that true outdoor enthusiasts can’t wait until spring to get out there and explore the trails or back country! But we also know that winter camping in most...

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Sleeping sound in Fall and Winter Camping

Sleeping sound in Fall and Winter Camping

To truly enjoy your outdoor adventures camping, hiking, and backpacking this Fall and Winter you need a good night’s rest! How can you get the best night of sleep away from your cozy bed at home? Prepare yourself with the best sleep plan you can! How to set up your...

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Keep your campsite safe with a Bear Canister

A backcountry trip increases your chance to encounter a bear. It is, after all, their habitat. Some experienced backcountry backpackers think counter balancing your nylon food bag in a tree will do the trick. And it may, until your luck runs out... Hanging food in...

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Heading to the Backcountry to Elk or Deer Hunt?

Check out our Tips on Renting a Wall Tent! Hunters look forward to elk and deer season all year. Their freezer, by now, is often low on their stock of free range organic meats and they’re raring to go get more! They’d be pretty happy to bring home a set of trophy...

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Stay InReach with the Delorme Explorer

No matter how backcountry and off trail you want to be, safety must always play an important role in all outdoor adventures! You may be a thrill seeker and have years of experience exploring “off the map”, but as you plan and prep consider the worst case scenario and...

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