Inspecting your summer outdoor gear

With spring right around the corner it’s that time of year again to inspect your backpacking, camping and hiking gear.  A broken piece of gear in your kit can cause a huge problem if that gear is taken into the field.  The old saying goes a long way in making gear...

5 Caveman steps to building a fire.

Supposedly a caveman can do it, so why does it seem so complicated to get all of the elements just right for building a fire? When you head out to your favorite trail, backcountry spot or campsite, you need to have some basic skills and a well stocked survival kit....

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Winter Camping for the serious camper!

You know you are a true nature lover when the temps dip really low and you are still amped to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors! But it also takes some serious planning and preparation to be able to enjoy a winter camping trip without taking and unnecessary...

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Preparing for Winter Camping with the Geeks

Outdoors Geeks has the expert advice you need to make every encounter with the outdoors a positive one. We know that true outdoor enthusiasts can’t wait until spring to get out there and explore the trails or back country! But we also know that winter camping in most...

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