Bikepacking Pack Rental

Outdoors Geek has an exclusive rental selection of Ortlieb bikepacking packs and panniers. We have frame packs, seat packs, and handlebar packs. And, if you’re looking for light-weight rental tents or highly compressable sleeping bags and pads, check out all of our rental gear.

The Awesomeness of Bikepacking

If your looking to get into the fast-growing bikepacking scene, you have stopped by the right place. Bikepacking is an awesome way to see miles of backcountry on your mountain bike. Furthermore, bikepacking allows you to go farther by taking all the gear you need. It’s backpacking, except you mountain biking.

The problem with bike packs is that they are expensive. And, you will often need three packs for a trip you might only take once a year. You could rent for years and pay less than buying new packs. Our bikepackking partner is Ortlieb. They are a well known, premier European pack maker. Finally, we have thoroughly evaluated these packs as a high-end product that will perform well in the field.

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