Wait, what is EDC?

The “Everyday Carry”… most people have one. Enthusiasts refer to it as “EDC”, and it consists of anything and everything you can’t or won’t leave home without on a daily basis. Most of us carry something, or a few things, with us each and every day… a wallet, a watch, a cell phone. For some it includes a pocket knife or a multi-tool, such as a Leatherman. Others even carry handguns (licensed of course). Then there are the job specific items we may carry such as pen, notepad, thumbdrive, etc. Whatever it in your case, having a solid EDC will give you the peace of mind that you have what you need in most normal, daily situations.

Things To Consider When Building Your EDC:

  • Do you wear jeans or shorts (or even a skirt for the ladies) daily?
  • Do you carry a purse, computer case, briefcase or backpack?
  • Do you prefer to be “light and fast” or to have everything you might possibly need?
  • Do you have any work place restrictions on what you can carry? What do local laws dictate?

These are just a few of the things you will need to consider when constructing your EDC. Remember, this is your daily carry items, not trip specific or emergency items. These are the things you like to have on you whether you go to work, the grocery store or a friends house. What is perfect for you may not be for others. This is the beauty of the EDC.

Some Important EDC Items:

A Watch: Nothing beats a good, reliable time piece… such watches can be “timeless”, and are a worthy investment. Look for a watch that looks good and yet is discreet, is dependable, and cost effective.

A Leather Wallet: Leather can last a lifetime when cared for properly. Having a sturdy leather wallet not only gives an impression about your tastes, but it can also be something you pass down to the kids one day. Smaller wallets tend to work best because they force us to minimize what we carry. For guys who keep their wallets in their back pocket, this will help avoid lower back problems.

A Dependable Pocket Knife: It is becoming increasingly popular for both men and women to carry knives in their EDC. A good knife serves a multitude of purposes. Whether you are in a rural or city environment, their are tasteful pocket knives you can carry. Just remember to check with you local knife laws for maximum blade length. Companies like Spyder Co. and BenchMade make great EDC watches that are light, sharp and will last a very longtime.


These are just a few of the items in an EDC. There are countless things one could carry. Just remember to carry what works for you. If you are going to carry these items anyways, you might as well have fun doing it by carrying good quality items. They will be fun to use and great conversation pieces when you are with friends!

For those times when you just want to get away, be one with nature, enjoy the outdoors with family or friends… Be willing to change the rules and make sure you take everything you need for your adventure!