Rambo bikes are the newest accessory for outdoors geeks. Turn your next backpacking trip into a bikepacking trip. Whether you’re going hunting, gathering, exploring, or simply enjoying a great ride in the fields, mountains, and woodlands of Colorado, Rambo bikes are the perfect vehicle. Rent a Rambo bike in Colorado, and see why this bike is the coolest way to travel in the great outdoors.

Rambo Bike in Colorado

Rent a Rambo bike in Denver to kick your next outdoor adventure into high gear.

Rambo Mountain E-Bike

Rambo bikes are fat tire bikes that can handle just about any terrain that Colorado has to offer. This bike is friendly to nature and will carry you and your gear anywhere you want to go, smoothly and quietly. It’s just like backpacking, just faster, and without walking and having to carry your gear like a chump.

For rougher terrain and steep trails, the Mountain E-Bike offers pedal-assist, or you can go fully electric. But, if you’re in good shape, and up for a challenge, then the bike will also function as a regular bike would, without pedal-assist.

“The ultimate transport machine with endless uses. A new way of thinking about travel. Rambo bikes are breaking into unchartered territory and allowing you to come with us, literally.”

Battery life of the Rambo Mountain E-Bike

Rambo bikes claim that the battery life of their E-bikes will last an average of 19 miles. But, being geeks, we decided to test this out for ourselves. Plus, we wanted to try out this wonderful new toy. On mostly flat roads in urban settings, our batteries allowed us to travel 27+ miles. But, in steep, rough backcountry settings, the battery lasted 14 miles. We thought this was pretty solid and the battery meter gives you an idea of how much power remains.

Packing your Rambo Bike for adventure

The Rambo Bike is the coolest new way for outdoors geeks to travel. Having a Rambo bike will allow you to quickly and quietly scope out the terrain around you. And, it’s a great way to transport all of your camping, hiking, and hunting gear. At Outdoors Geek, we’ve got got Ortlieb packs for packing your Rambo Bike. Gotlieb provides lightweight, durable, wasterproof storage for all your gear. The most appropriate packs for your Rambo bikes are:

  • Ortlieb Seatpost-Bag (4L) – Say goodbye to your backpack and hello to your bikepack
  • Ortlieb Handlebar Pack – A wasterproof place to store your tent
  • Ortlieb Frame Packs  –  Great for heavier items, like your cookware

Rent Rambo Bikes in Colorado

Stop by our outdoors retail shop in Denver to rent a Rambo Bike. Kick your next adventure into high gear and break into unchartered territory with the Rambo Mountain E-Bike.