We previously showed you how to put together your perfect EDC. What’s EDC you ask? It’s an acronym for Every Day Carry! It refers to the items you might carry with you each and every day, no matter what! A basic EDC includes a wallet, a watch, and a pocket knife. These need to be items small and lightweight since you will be carrying them with you everywhere. They also should be built of good, solid materials so they can withstand daily use and occasional abuse. Usually, a good EDC item will last years, if not a lifetime. Some people even have different EDC gear for different occasions (i.e. the office or the outdoors).

Black Tactical Flashlight

DSCF5172 byJoe Loong is licensed under CC By 2.0

In this post, we are going to show you how to expand your EDC to add more value to it. The first thing you should consider adding to your EDC is a flashlight! This is true whether you are a guy or a gal. There are a number of circumstances when a small powerful flashlight comes in handy. Such as finding your keys in the dark, power outages, walking to your car at night or even as a self-defense tool. Yes that’s right, self defense! Many small EDC flashlights today are keychain flashlights, however, there is another group of lights referred to as “Tactical” flashlights because they double as a small, light defense tool. On average they are only about the size of your palm, and very light.

Black everyday carry with journal

Everyday Carry Black” by EDC Boy is licensed under CC By 2.0 / Cropped from original

Another excellent item to consider when expanding your EDC is a pen. Yes, a pen! Almost everyone uses a pen on a daily basis, yet few people often carry one. How many times have you needed to borrow one while out? Maybe you’ve stood in line at the coffee shop, waiting to pay but the cashier was hunting for a pen so you could sign the slip? More often than you realize it, you or someone around you needs a pen. Most EDC pens are small and lightweight making them perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse. Like the flashlights mentioned above, EDC pens also come in “Tactical” variations for use as a self-defense tool. Usually, the tactical pen is made of a sturdier material for rigidity and is noticeably thicker, making it easier to hold in the palm of your hand. Regardless of which variation you carry, almost all of them use readily available pen cartridge refills.

By adding a flashlight and pen to your EDC, you will be better prepared for anything you encounter in a day. While most people will never have a need for “Tactical” gear, it is nice to know you have it on hand should the need arise. In the meantime, they will provide utility to you and those around you while drawing the admiration of your friends for having such cool gear!