There’s nothing better than going outdoors and camp with your family and friends. But it is very important to plan your camping adventure before you hit the road, as to avoid missing any details that could ruin your trip. At Outdoors Geek we would like to give you 4 very useful tips to make your trip safer and better.

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Don’t Over Pack

If you over pack you’ll have to carry a heavier backpack and also your space on the campground gets reduced, especially if you are not the only one in the tent. Make sure to pack only what’s really necessary for the trip.

First Aid Kit

Always be prepared with a first aid kit, as you never know when an accident can happen. Having it handy in your campground is very important in case of an emergency. Also, make sure you take it with you when going on an outdoor activity such as hiking.

Useful Products

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It’s always recommendable to do a small research of the place where you will be camping, in order to know which products you can take with you to make your camping experience better. For example: bug spray, sunscreen, flashlight, extra batteries, sharp knife, matches, etc.

Food And Water

Make sure the food you choose for your trip doesn’t go bad easily. To do your food planning, it is very important you count three meals and one snack per day for each person. Also, make sure you pack enough water for everyone. If you are planning to stay on a place where there’s a grocery shop near by, you can buy part of the food there to save space.

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