In the late ‘80’s the Proclaimers taught all of us that if you wanted to prove yourself to that special someone, you’d need to walk 500 miles and then walk 500 more. The Colorado Front Range is the perfect place to practice being that person who walks 1000 miles before you fall down at their door. Great ‘80s music aside, there are over 3000 miles of trails to explore on winter hikes in Colorado’s Front Range.

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Best winter hikes in the Front Range

Whether you’re trying to impress someone, or you just enjoy a great hike, Colorado’s Front Range has incredible hiking all year round. Choosing the best winter hikes in Colorado depends on how difficult you want your hike to be, and the gear that you have. Some trails will give you adventure, some peace and quiet, and some will require some specialized hiking gear. But, regardless of which trail you choose, you will find frozen lakes and snow-capped views all around.

Winter hiking gear

Before you head out you need to familiarize yourself with the terrain. Although there are trails, when covered  with snow and ice, you’ll need to think about the type of footwear that is required to keep your footing. Snowshoes may be necessary on some trails. And, the temperatures can change dramatically as you hike to higher altitudes.

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You’ll need the right winter hiking gear before you head out. But, as always, we’ve got a large inventory of winter gear rentals. Find the right backpack, apparel, snowshoes, navigation systems, hydration systems, and more. The right gear will open up new trails for you to explore.

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You can rent premier backpacks at our Denver outdoor retail shop. All gear is made by trusted outdoor industry brands and kept in pristine condition. Stop by or call to get outfitted for winter hiking in Colorado’s Front Range.