Sleeping Bags - New

If you’re in the market for a new sleeping bag, we have some great bags for you. Furthermore, we only carry the best brands and that matters more for sleeping bags than any other gear category.


Marmot is arguably the top sleeping bag maker in the USA. They certify every batch of down and fill their bags in the United States. Consequently, Marmot controls down fill weights and quality at their facility and we think that’s a big deal. They also are an innovator and make excellent synthetic bags. For camping, check out the Rock-a-way.

The North Face

The North Face makes very good sleeping bags and has the lowest price good quality down bags on the market. Their Blue Kazoo is a really nice down bag and check-out their new Homestead line for a super roomy bag.

Big Agnes

Big Agnes is nothing if not an innovator. They are the inventor of “sleep systems” for camping and backpacking.  Consequently, they have some nicely compressible synthetic bags like the Encampment.

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