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When it comes to glamor camping, Outdoors Geek is the leader in quality, quantity, and innovation. We can outfit the largest glamping tent events in the United States with Safari Style Tents and Bell Tents. And, we have an innovative DIY program for those just looking for one or a few tents for their private gathering. If the cost of glamping is deterring you from having the event of your dreams, then let Outdoors Geek help you out! We are rolling out a new glamping program that starts under $300 per tent! We will bring the same quality gear for a much lesser price than before!

For those that need just one tent, or maybe a few more, we have the answer! We have three tent options for DIY Glamping and options for what you would like inside your tent. Package pricing includes pre-paid labels to ship back to Outdoors Geek.

inside of a glamping tent
inside of a glamping tent

Large or small events. Ten tents or four hundred. California to The Bahamas, Outdoors Geek has done it all. Our event clients include wedding couples, and names you will recognize like Coachella, Firefly, Jim Beam, and Land Rover.

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