Sleeping Bag Rental

We have you covered with top-quality products in our sleeping bag rental program. Furthermore, you will find many price points depending on your budget or needs. You can find whatever you need for almost any situation with an expanded line of down sleeping bags.

Backpacking and camping require different bags since compressibility is and weight are so important with backpacking. As a result, take a look at our Marmot down bags for backpacking. The Helium bag is a fantastic bag, and the Ion is a brand new technology with excellent compressibility. Or, if you’re looking for a budget friendly down bag, check out The North Face Furnace bags.

And if you’re camping,  we have a number of double bags for your comfort. Because some of our customers are looking for a single bag with more room, we carry the Marmot Rockaway. And, be sure to check out our sleeping pads and sleeping cots.

Browse our extensive collection. We have a bag for almost anyone!

If you have questions about choosing the right sleeping bag, check out our video here!