Buy-It (Gently Used)

We use the term gently used camping gear to describe equipment in our rental program. Outdoors Geek promises our customers that our gear is in “like new” condition. We carry name brand stuff from The North Face, Gregory, Big Agnes, Exped, Marmot and more. Or maybe you always wanted a Gregory pack, but have been unwilling to pay retail? Now you can get that pack because our prices are so much lower than retail. You can take advantage of our low prices and treat yourself to the gear of your dreams.

Our Promise

Most noteworthy, Outdoors Geek’s rental program promises customers new or like new gear. For this reason, we sell all of our gear before it is old or worn out. You can commonly save 40% to 60%. One reason we sell gear early is that the case or bag no longer looks new. For instance, tent bags get beat up because they are always getting thrown on the ground. Consequently, it’s common for tent bags to look a little beat up and the tent to look perfect or near perfect. Check out our gently used camping gear. You won’t be disappointed.

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