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Welcome to
Outdoors Geek

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Home of Rental Camping Equipment

If you’re looking to rent a tent, camping package, backpacking package, or a high-end Glamping setup, we have it all!
We maintain the largest collection of rental camping gear in the world; our gear is made up only of the top brands.

We ship rental camping equipment anywhere in the US.
Be sure to visit our retail store in Denver, Colorado  and pick up your Rental Gear.

All rental gear can be purchased after use.
Rental cost can be put towards the purchase of gear.

Rental Packages 


Experience the convenience and ease of our ready made camping packages and you will save some money with an automatic discount!

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We’ve put it all together for you with our ready to go backpacking rental package. Order a package and save!

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Why lug all your gear to a music festival and worse yet, have to clean it when you get home. Check out our music festival rental packages!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get outfitted and get outside!

We guarantee that your rental gear will be crazy clean and delivered at least one day prior to your starting rental date or your rental is free.

Call us and we can help plan the gear you need! 



Be Prepared !

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