Inflatable Kayaks & Paddle Board Rentals

If you’re going on vacation and plan to be near water, why not rent an inflatable kayak or SUP? And, can have it shipped directly to your destination. It will be yours to use the entire time you are on vacation. Furthermore, your cost will be a fraction of the price of hourly rentals. You can have hours and hours of fun!

We researched the entire industry for inflatable kayaks and SUPs to bring you great gear at a low price. Consequently, we found that inflatables mainly fall into two categories: low-quality or overpriced. Our research helped us understand what differentiated inflatable products. As a result, we found great quality products that we could rent to our customers at low prices. It seems like that is an excellent combination!

We include a pump with all inflatable products along with a clear set of instructions and in some cases videos. If you are going camping and need other gear, check out all of our rental gear. We ship nationwide!

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