Canvas Wall Tents

We are carrying bunk bed cots called Disc-o-Beds (see below under Hunting information and Accessories). These cots will allow you to have more floor space in your tent. We are also adding even more high quality wood and coal burning stoves. And to top it off, our selection and quantity of hunting tents has never been larger.

If you have questions about our Canvas Hunting Tent Rentals, then please check out our video here!

mule deer in water

This is our largest canvas tent rental package and consists of two 12 x 14 tents linked together for one large space or zip the door shut for two spaces. If prefered, they can be set up independently.

traditional frame wall tent

Our 14 x 17 wall tent package has long been a favorite for three and four person hunting groups. And, we rent this package regularly to two person groups who want a bit more room to stretch out.

Canvas tent

This is our most popular package for two or three hunters. Easy to heat with our wood and coal burning stoves and available with both internal frames and traditional frame systems.

Hunting Information & Accessories

women in hammock

If you are not finding the camping and hunting gear you need on this page, check out our full list of rental categories. We carry tons of ultra-light two to four person tents for early season hunting and spike camps.

DeLorme Inreach Explorer

We have standard GPS devices and messaging locators. SPOT is a one way messaging and emergency locator, and the DeLorme InReach Explorer has two way satellite texting and GPS with hunting maps.

bunk bed cot

We carry regular and wide cots for hunting parties along with portable bunk bed cots to save floor space in your tent. Don't forget a sleeping pad with your cot for comfort and more importantly insulation.

pack frame on ground

Frame packs are a necessity when hunting in the western United States. Especially when you've bagged a 600 pound elk three miles from base camp. Our packs have multiple lash points for carrying the load.

Hunting Seasons and Advice

big horn sheep

Colorado Big Game Hunting Season Dates 2019

Colorado Big Game Hunting Season Dates and Times for 2019, focusing on Elk Hunting, and important links for hunting information and statistics from past years hunts.

bull elk

Best Elk Hunting Season in Colorado

Have you ever wondered what the best elk hunting season is in Colorado? Or maybe what elk hunting season you should hunt based on all kinds of factors like hunting pressure, weather, and hunter success rates? This quick read will put you on the right track.

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