Dahlgren Socks

Wool socks are one of your most important clothing items if you are hiking or backpacking. As outdoors people, all of us Geek’s have put on a ton of miles in wool socks. Our favorite socks are Dahlgren Socks. Furthermore, we think they will be your favorites, too!

Why Dahlgren Socks?

Dahlgren Socks out-perform others for two big reasons:

  • Patented Dri-Stride® Technology absorbs  sweat and continually moves it to where it can be evaporated
  • Alpaca Wool is soft and luxurious and wears like iron for a great  feel and a great value

Most noteworthy about good wool socks is that they all cost about the same. However, they are not all created equal. Not even close. So check out the Geek’s favorite socks. You’re going to love them!

And, please don’t forget to check out all of our rental gear for your next outdoor adventure.

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