Rocky Mountain Camping Package Rental

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Do you love the outdoors? Or, maybe you just want to have a Rocky Mountain experience? Our Rocky Mountain Camping Package Rental is just the ticket. This package is headlined with The North Face tent and sleeping bags for quality and comfort. Unlike most tents and sleeping bags, these were designed with extra space to spread out and will make a very nice place to call home for the duration of the trip.

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Bear Spray

Use this as a great self defense spray against bears. We obviously hope you never have to use it, but it is a good thing to have…..just in case.

Boost Oxygen

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We have made special selections for comfort and roominess in this Rocky Mountain Camping Package. The North Face tent and sleeping bags are designed for that little extra comfort to make your trip special.

Geek Tip:

Most quality sleeping bags are mummy bags which don’t have any room, or they are tapered bags which are a little better. The North Face Homestead bags are rectangular. This means you can spread out and relax or even sleep comfortably on your side!

Please note: We carry propane for your stove in our store in Denver, Colorado. However, we cannot ship propane. So if you are not picking up at our Denver store, be sure to stop and grab a 16.2 oz bottle of propane for the stove.

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