At Outdoors Geek we love everything that has to do with action and adventure. Being able to provide the best camping and outdoors equipment for extreme sports participants and fans is part of our job. Today we would like to talk about some great places for camping, which are also ideal for extreme sports.

3 amazing places in North America where you can surf and enjoy a great camping trip

Kite Surfing, Fun in the Ocean, Extreme SportBaja California Peninsula

By taking the Trans Peninsula highway in the west coast you will be able to surf in some of the most remote places in the world, such as Scorpion Bay, Los Cerritos, The Wall and Abreojos; all of them famous for their outstanding beauty and amazing waves. The Baja California Peninsula goes from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and has hundreds of surf spots for all skill levels and beautiful campgrounds and camping areas where you can have a necessary and well deserved rest after a long day of surfing action and adrenaline rush. surf


Florida To Maine

With great campgrounds all over the east coast, this amazing surf journey has 1,300 miles of extreme surfing action: from the Florida tropics to the icy shores of Maine. During the trip you will get to surf on some of the best surfing spots in all the east coast, like Long Beach Island in New Jersey, Montauk on Long Island, and Outer Banks of North Carolina.

California: The Golden State

With surf spots for all level skills and with over 800 miles of available coastline for surfing, California is considered the surfing capital in the United States. With Surfing spots available in both South and North California, there is plenty of places where you can camp and surf in this amazing state. We highly recommend you to visit the following Golden State surfing spots: Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Trestles, Malibu, Rincon and Ocean Beach. Here at Outdoors Geek we have great camping packages available for your surfing camping trip, so call up some surfing fellows and plan your next surfing adventure with us.

Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave Getting Barreled

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