When you decide to go camping, there is always a planning process before you hit the road. At Outdoors Geek we have many years of experience in camping planning and we would like to give you a list of 6 camping items you shouldn’t leave your house without:

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are the most effective way to protect yourself from the cold at night. It also will provide you the comfort you need for having a pleasant night while camping in your tent.

Encampment Sleeping Bag medium

Head Lamps

Head Lamps will turn your night into day and the best part is that you won’t need to hold them in your hands. You can find the best camping head lamps at Outdoors Geek.


Stove and/or Grill

With a small stove or a grill you will be able to cook your camping meals in a fast and effective way.

Water Containers

Having water available at all times when camping is a must. We highly recommend that you bring a 7 gallon water container and a couple of 2 liter water bladders when you go hiking or to any other outdoor activity.

sawyer vilter


Snacks are always important on a camping adventure, they will give you energy and keep everything happy while waiting for the meals.


Make sure to bring with you a multi-tool or a sharp knife to your camping journey, it is a very useful item, specially when you are camping.

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Outdoors Geek: The Best Camping Equipment For Your Outdoor Adventures


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