The season is changing, again...  and you’d love to see some fall leaves in their glorious colors! But maybe you’re thinking that only the lucky Northerners will have this privilege. Well, Outdoors Geek is here to provide you with hope for a fall camp trip with foliage in classic orange and red.  While its true that some of the best places to see the leaves changing color are in the Northern regions of the US,  there are beautiful camp spots around the South that provide equally beautiful hues.  Do you want to find a great campsite to experience the colors of Fall Leaves? Check out our list of the 10 best State Parks to enjoy Fall Foliage!

Aspen trees in Autumn, Maroon Bells Wilderness, Aspen Colorado

8 Best State Parks to Enjoy Fall Foliage:

1. Pawtucket State Park, New Hampshire. Well, we’ll begin with the state that boasts the best fall foliage of anywhere in the U.S. – New Hampshire! You could really choose any Park in New Hampshire and enjoy the breathtaking views of fall foliage! Truly, this state is a beauty in Fall but, Pawtucket State Park, is a perfect campsite for families with plenty to see and do. Get your hiking boots out and head out to the trails, which will take you to interesting locations such as the beaver marsh, the fire tower and a boulder field.

2. Allegeny State Park,New York – This Park is known for the incredible fall foliage. It is the largest State Park with camping in NY. Don’t miss famous views like, Bridal Falls, Red House Lake, and the Quaker Amphitheater.

3. Chattfield State Recreation Area, Colorado. Chattfield is close to Denver and this makes it a prime camping spot for city dwellers. It’s an easy trek getting there so Denver weekend campers enjoy this spot.  This Park is home to The Chattfield Reservoir a dam built by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for flood control. Quite a site to see. Along with that, you will enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails. Be sure to enjoy the popular launch of hot air balloons here too!

3. McKinney State Campground, Georgia – Just 30 minutes from Atlanta this campground is located on lake Altoona and it’s the perfect October trip, promising brightly colored Fall foliage. A trip to the the visitor center provides a great tour of the rich history of the area.

4. Fort Boonesborough State Park, Kentucky –  Founded in 1775 by Daniel Boone, this park provides the perfect family Fall camping trip! With nearby horse farms in Lexington for horse lovers, the nearby Kentucky River and Daniel Boone National Forest, your Fall activities list in this park will be long!


5. Stony Fork Campoground ,Virginia – This campground sits at the foot of Big Walker Mountain, Camping here puts you right int he middle of the forest bursting with color. The Stony Fork Nature Trail provides an up close an personal experience with Nature in the Fall, winding through the forest for about 1 mile. A Must see stop is the  overlook of Mount Rogers. Gorgeous views of forests covered in red and orange!

6. Indian Cave State Park,  Nebraska –  Nebraska? That’s right. Indian Cave is famous for its Fall Colors! This park provides a variety of hiking opportunities throughout the woodland trails. Enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking, and fishing on the great Missouri River.

7.  Plymouth Park Campground Washington – On the border of Washington and Oregon the outdoor enthusiast will enjoy fishing on the Columbia River and plenty of activities around Mt. Hood.

8.  Burlingame State Park , Rhode Island  sits on Watchaug Pond, and has nearby Kimball wildlife sanctuary. This park also boats easy access to route 1 which is claimed to be one of the Country’s most scenic tours through Fall Foliage.  After a Morning Drive you may want to take an afternoon hike to the Kimball Wildlife Sanctuary which sits on 29 acres of land. enjoy some of their numerous wildlife education programs, while enjoying the brilliant colors of of the Park all around.

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Enjoy Camping in Fall Colors with Outdoors Geek by your side!

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