Your best weapon against an avalanche is your brain. The more aware you are of the conditions that come into play, the more likely you are of avoiding an avalanche altogether. And, that’s really our best avalanche safety tip, to know how to avoid an avalanche.

Staying safe in avalanche terrain

Understanding the conditions that are likely to cause an avalanche can keep you safe in avalanche terrain.

Understanding avalanches

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the great outdoors. Unfortunately, Colorado is no stranger to avalanche fatalities. The more you know about avalanches, when and how they occur, will keep you safe as you’re hiking through avalanche terrain. For winter hikes in Colorado, you’re bound to come across areas that are prone to avalanches.  It’s up to you to make sure you understand what you’re looking for, so you can stay safer and maneuver around potentially dangerous areas.

Avalanche forecast

The first thing you should do before heading out on a winter hike through avalanche country is to check the weather report. More specifically, check the avalanche forecast. But, it’s also good to understand how these forecasts are made.

Avalanche conditions

If you’re planning on backpacking for several days you need to know how to check the weather and snow conditions around you to always stay safe. Understanding how temperature, wind, and precipitation will affect the snow on the mountains. Plus, the geological conditions of your surroundings will impact the stability of the snow. Knowing what conditions need to be present for an avalanche can help you navigate safely through avalanche terrain.

Avalache safety

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Don’t let snow, frost, and the threat of avalanches stop you from winter camping. Colorado is beautiful in the winter, and it would be a shame to miss out. All you need is to pack your brain with knowledge, and we’ll help you pack your bags with the best camping rental gear for winter camping.