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Before you go snowshoeing in Colorado, educate yourself on the risk of avalanches and how to survive, just in case.

If you love extreme snowsports or any sport that takes you to snow-covered mountains, you need to educate yourself on avalanches. Avalanches are equal opportunity killers; they don’t care why you are in the mountains, they will take down anything that gets in their way. Before you head out with your snowshoes, skis, snowmobiles, and other snow sports gear, Know Before You Go!

“If you live next to snow-covered mountains, you need to know about avalanches.”

You always want to familiarize yourself with the terrain and the weather forecasts before heading out into the wilderness. The right gear is essential, but knowing how to avoid an avalanche is equally important.

Know Before You Go (KBYG)

Watch this video on avalanche awareness and Know Before You Go so that you can keep yourself safe in the event that you are caught in an avalanche. The more you know, the more you can enjoy winter outdoor adventures. From casual hikes with the family to extreme snow angeling (yup, it’s a thing!) everyone needs to familiarize themselves with the threat of avalanches, how they occur, where they occur, how to get out of harm’s way, and the type of gear that can protect you. It’s all part of being a responsible extreme winter sports geek.

“You need to be your own avalanche expert”

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