The biggest problem that we always come across when packing for a backpacking trip is packing way too much. It’s just so hard to leave any cool gear behind. Not only do you end up carrying much more weight than is comfortable, making your body pay the price, but when it comes to international travel, overpacking means that your wallet pays the price. If you’re exceeding the weight limit on the airplane, we guarantee you’ve packed too much. So, let’s see if we can’t help you narrow down your international backpacking packing list.

International backpacking packing list

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International backpacking

When you travel internationally you want to put your best foot forward. After all, you’re a representative of the US, so you want to look good and make a great impression. Here’s where that age-old backpacking packing dilemma comes into play, choosing between packing smart and looking good.

Looking good vs. packing smart

It’s the battle between practicality and ego. Your ego tells you that you have to bring all of your gear and a new outfit for each day because God forbid your fellow travelers should see you wearing the same lightweight, breathable shirt twice in a row! Here’s what you need to remember, no one is going to care that you are wearing the same outfit twice. In fact, no one is even going to notice. Chances are the people that you’ll meet on your travels are going to be different from camp to camp, so the only person who’ll know that you recycled outfits is you.

Pack for a week

Apparel for international backpacking trips

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Whether you’re going for one week or one year, the packing is going to be pretty much the same because you are going to need to do laundry along the way. So, only pack enough clothing for a week, and then wash accordingly. If you pack a few outfits – remember, you’ll need layers – where all items will match, then you can mix and match. That means that three shirts and three pairs of pants will give you nine different outfits! See, it’s all about packing smart for maximum benefits.

Gear and apparel for international backpacking trips

We’ve got all the greatest gear from all the best brands in the backpacking industry. Yes, we know that doesn’t help you limit your international backpacking packing list, but it’s nice to have options. We’ll help you put together a package with just the right amount of gear and apparel to keep your backpack light, and you comfortable and safe on your backpacking adventure.

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