There are literally no limits to the type of cuisine that you can eat when you are camping. You don’t even have to be glamping to prepare a gourmet meal. Even in the backcountry, you can whip up some tasty treats and exotic cuisine. Campfire cooking has come a long way from black and white cowboy movies with an open can of beans and a bottle of whiskey.

Camping equipment and gear

We’ll put together a package of top-brand cooking equipment for your next outdoor adventure.

Having the right equipment

Before you head to your campground or your multi-day hike, you need to plan your meals. If you’re traveling from campground to campground, it’s probably not realistic for you to bring a bunch of pots and pans and cooking burners to create a five-course meal. However, there are options for lightweight cooking equipment.

Planning each meal ahead of time will spare you extra weight in your backpack, and it will help the Outdoors Geek experts find the perfect camping cooking equipment for your camping food list, from propane burners to pots, pans, and utensils to create memorable meals on every camping trip and adventure.

Cooking over an open fire

Cooking over direct heat is the most common method. You may also want to bring a few burners, pots, and pans so that you have a better way of controlling the heat for more specialize cooking. If you want to work your inner Top Chef in the great outdoors, make sure you bring equipment that will allow you to cook various ingredients.

Camping food list

There are no limits to the type of cuisine you can cook when camping.

An open fire can be tricky. It’s not like cooking on your gas grill where you can turn the heat up and down. When you have an open fire, you have to work with the fire, creating spaces in your firepit where the heat varies. When you start a campfire, create sections, much like your stove, and create places where the fire is hot hot hot, as well as another section that will keep food warm but won’t burn or overcook the food.

Cooking over a campfire requires patience and ingenuity, but when the cooking is complete, there’s nothing more satisfying than a meal prepared at camp, over an open flame, and under the open sky.

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