When you’re hunting there are two rules: be vewy vewy quiet and bring the right gear. The two go hand in hand. As much as we appreciate the hunting tips of Elmer Fudd, if you didn’t bring the right hunting gear, you’ll just be moving quietly about the woods, and then you might as well just have gone to yoga (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Camping essentials for your next Colorado hunting trip

If you are hunting in Colorado, it is the law to wear orange safety gear at all times.

Safety gear is the law

A skillful hunter will sneak quietly and undetected through the woods and fields stalking their prey. The trick is to be almost invisible. However, while you are stalking your prey like a ninja, so are other hunters. For your own safety, and because it is the law, you have to wear at least 500 square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange. Yes, we know, orange really cramps your style, but you know what else will cramp your style? Getting shot in the face by a fellow hunter!

You’ll be happy to know that the animals see the world differently than us, The bright orange safety gear isn’t going to have a big impact on their ability to see you coming any more than they’ll see you coming in full camouflage.

Backpacks for hunting

Rent frame pack for hunting trip

The frame pack is the quintessential hunting backpack.

Now that you’ve managed to stay out of sight to the wildlife but fully visible to fellow hunters, it’s time to test your patience and your aim and hope for that trophy you can show off at base camp. Shooting a 600 lb. elk is one thing, but carrying a 600 lb. elk back to base camp is quite another. We know you can’t fit it into your backpack, but the right pack can help carry the load.

The frame backpack

A frame pack is built specifically for hunting. Besides the rifle and some ammo, the frame pack is the number one necessity for hunting in the Western United States. The pack features multiple lash points for turning yourself into a human tow truck, carrying your load back to camp.

Canvas hunting tents

Rent canvas wall tent for hunting

No self-respecting base camp is complete without the classic canvas wall tent.

The only tent trusted by hunters worldwide is the canvas hunting tent. You can get them in several sizes depending on the size of your hunting party, and you can equip them with luxuries and amenities to make your nights comfortable and safe from the elements in between hunting sessions.

Hunting can put you in some awkward waiting positions, so give yourself some space to stretch out and sleep comfortably in your tent.

Camping gear for hunting in Colorado

We can outfit any size hunting party with tents, gear, packs, and other essentials. Stop by our outdoor retail shop in Denver, or call to customize your hunting gear package.