Arches National Park on August 21, 2016

Camping at Arches National Park – photo by Matthew Searer

Denver outdoor retail shop

Try before you buy camping gear

Try the Thermarest Trail Lite sleeping pad before you buy! Stop by our Denver outdoor retail shop.

When you get your camping gear at our Denver outdoor retail shop, you don’t have to buy it, preserve the tag, and then sneakily return it after your camping trip. At Outdoors Geek, all you have to do is ask to try the camping gear before you buy it. It’s like the cup of coffee first date before you realize that you totally hit it off and want to continue on to dinner…and dessert.

Some campers find the perfect tent, backpack, or sleeping system quickly, but others need to try a bunch of equipment before settling down. Whether it’s love at first sight or you are taking your time, we are always adding new gear to our inventory.

Try new winter camping demo gear

We have used gear and new demo gear available every season, and we only deal in high-end brands with a reputation for quality outdoors and camping gear.

  • Gregory backpacks
  • Marmont tents and bags
  • Big Agnes tents
  • The North Face sleeping pads and bags
  • Sleep systems
  • Demo winter gear
  • Much, much more
Denver outdoor retail shop

Get to know your tent before you buy it.

10% off new and used camping gear

If you try our gear and want to buy it, we’ll subtract the rental fee from the sales price (naturally) and we’ll give you an additional 10% off the rental value!

Buying camping equipment has never been easier or more risk-free. Instead of making a decision without having tried to sleep in the bag, the tent, or buying a backpack without knowing what it feels like after you’ve hiked for miles, test it out first. You can even bring your family along to get their approval.

Try before you buy and feel 100% confident when you decide to make it permanent.

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