Camping Under The Stars

Buy camping, hiking, and hunting gear in Denver, Colorado

Thank God!…’s finally that time of year again. It’s no excuse time! Get out and enjoy; explore the great outdoors. And for some who have rented or borrowed gear in the past, maybe it’s time to start buying your own.


Buying gear in Colorado

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Benefits of buying your own gear

The best camping equipment isn’t going to be cheap. But, outdoors people know that you need quality equipment to protect you against the elements. Whether you are camping with some amenities or going deep into the backwoods, great gear makes every outdoor experience better. If the weather is great and you are car camping, you may be able to slide by with lesser gear. But if storms and the wind kick up, quality gear really shines through. And if your backpacking, your gear is your safety and comfort. You don’t want to get stuck on top of a mountain only to find out that your neighbor’s tent isn’t fit for all seasons as they claim and the sleeping bags are worn and torn. Before you know it, you’re shivering and miserable. As an added bonus, great backpacking gear is also lighter weight.

If you are getting more adventurous, you may need more specialized equipment. And, maybe it will be time to buy your outdoors equipment instead of borrowing it from someone else. We all have our ways when it comes to camping and backpacking. You may prefer one tent from another, or be particular to one brand of backpack from another. Part of figuring out the type of gear and accessories that you will want for a successful camping or hunting trip is about personal style. Safety and quality are number one, of course,  but one said you can’t also  by stylish when enjoying the outdoors.

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Rent it, try it, or buy it

Every year, thousands of campers, hunters, and adventurers come to Colorado to explore our parks, trails, mountains, rivers, and plains. It’s important to us that people enjoy their outdoor experiences, so we always have a large selection of quality gear and accessories for any situation and personal style. And, if you’re not quite ready to buy, we’ll rent it to you, or let you try our new rental and demo gear before making a decision. And, if you try it first, you’ll get a discount if you decide to buy.

You won’t find a better deal on gear than Outdoors Geek in Denver, Colorado!