Camping is the one thing that everyone can do, even if you’re not the “outdoorsy type.” If money is an issue, camping can be done on a tight budget. If time is of the essence, camping can be a quick affair. If you need a taste of luxury, then check out options for glamping. And, if you’re going hunting, there’s no reason you can’t maintain your glamorous lifestyle while camping.

Glamping tents in Colorado

Keep camping affordable

Time and money are probably the biggest factors in planning a vacation. A camping trip can be quick and cheap, without compromising your experience. They say you’re never more than 90 minutes from a campsite, all you need to do is research, and you’ll be able to find a spot close to home, at a price you can afford.

With the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service this year, some parks and campgrounds may even give special discounts, or “free days” that can further reduce your budget.

Proper planning can also save you time and money

Making sure that you have all your camping gear and equipment before you leave for the campground means you aren’t forced to stop along the way picking up supplies and overpaying because you didn’t have options. Outdoors Geek has plenty of great deals on a variety of camping equipment. We’ll help you stay on budget without compromising quality. Anything you can’t borrow from a friend or neighbor, we’ll rent or sell.

Camping equipment and gear

You bring the food, we’ll ship you the equipment you need to cook it over an open campfire.

Pre-packing food and cooking over an open fire will save you from blowing your budget on expensive snacks and take-out. Nearby restaurants and convenience stores are the quickest way to blow your budget, so be organized and plan ahead.

Rent, buy, or try camping equipment in Colorado

Our goal is to make sure time or money never get in your way of a great camping, glamping, or hunting trip. We ship quality camping gear nationwide, and we have great packages that you can either rent, buy, or try.