Camp Kitchen setup

The Outdoorsman™ is a camp kitchen for all your cooking essentials for camping or tailgating

Meal-prepping for camping can seem daunting. Without access to your stocked cupboards, a variety of cooking tools, and the local grocery store, creativity and resourcefulness become a must!

So that you no longer view cooking over a wood fire or gas stove as a burdensome task, we at Outdoors Geek want to empower you with some super fun, easy to make, and healthy meal plans. Of course, these ideas are only applicable to those of you who have access to fire or gas – so for those of you serious backpackers out there, we haven’t forgotten you – more options to come!

With a little bit of preparation and the right shopping list, cooking in the woods can be quite a hoot! Ever heard of a rainbow egg scramble cooked in tin foil? How about banana chocolate marshmallow dessert?

Check out the following links for healthy, creative recipes and let us know what you enjoyed the most! : quality cookware systems

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EatrightIn order to assist you with having an optimal camping experience, we at Outdoors Geek are excited to hook you up with quality camping gear – including outdoor cooking tools! From frying pans to a full camp kitchen setup, we will rent, buy and sell you the appropriate items for your cooking needs!

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