Camping isn’t all about being minimalistic and being one with nature. For some reason, we believe that being uncomfortable means we had a better outdoor experience. However, true Geeks beg to differ. Camping and comfort go hand in hand. There’s nothing wrong with renting a six-person family tent when you’re only two people. With help from The Geek, you can turn your next campsite into a private wilderness retreat!

Rent camping equipment

Why settle for a two-person tent when you can spread out in a six-person Marmot Limestone tent rented from Outdoors Geek?

Get a bigger tent for your base camp

Part of getting out into nature is not to be closed in by walls. When we’re stuck our cramped cubicles or tiny city apartments, nature is the one place we can all go to feel the freedom of wide open spaces. So, why would we head back to camp only to squeeze ourselves into a tiny tent? Finding the right size tent for your group is important. A tent that is too small will ruin a great camping trip. Just because a tent is labeled as being fit for two doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to upgrade and give yourself a little more breathing room.

When you rent a tent for camping, you don’t want just any tent…you want a great shelter that will keep you warm and dry. You want a tent that is the right size for your group. You want the confidence that comes with quality name brands like The North Face, Marmot, MSR, and Big Agnes.

Rent top brand camping tents

There are many ways to camp, and there’s equipment that serves every camping purpose. Renting gear is a much less expensive way to ensure that you get the right equipment for your camping trip every time and that you never have to compromise on the type of adventure you’re looking for because you don’t own the right equipment. When you rent, you get the best camping gear every time, and when you’re done, you simply return it to Outdoors Geek.

The North Face Mountain Manor 8 Person Tent Rental

This North Face eight-person base camp tent is also known as the Mountain Manor.

Once you have great quality, you still need an absolute commitment to clean. We take that a step further by committing to crazy clean. When you rent from Outdoors Geek, expect clean; like “no one ever used it before you” kind of clean. We guarantee it.

Buy used, quality, name brand camping tents

Once returned, all of our gear is meticulously inspected and cleaned. We believe in the “leave no trace” camping mantra, and that means leaving no trace on our equipment so that the tent is fresh, clean, and superbly cared for by the time it is rented out to the next camper.

You will never get a rental tent that seems old or worn out from Outdoors Geek. We sell all of our tents before they get to that point so you can count on great tents for your family and friends. That’s Outdoors Geek…every single time.

Rent, try, and buy camping tents in Denver

Rent or buy base camp tents

This Big Agnes tent comes with its own ambient lighting!

Sometimes, our clients are so smitten by our camping gear that they can’t seem to let go once the trip is over. Outdoors Geek gives all clients the options to rent top brand equipment, and if they like it, they can buy it at a discounted rate.

We are located in Denver, Colorado, but we ship camping tents and camping gear nationwide. Let us be a part of your next camping adventure.



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