United States Capitol on July 4th

There is no doubt for most Americans July 4th is something pretty special. Not only are the celebrations exhilarating, but remembering what this date represents is something pretty special too. No matter how divided Americans are on politics, one thing we can all agree on is that The U.S.A.  is not a bad place to call home. This July 4th take a trip to experience something some call THE bucket list experience, the July 4th Celebrations of Washington D.C.

All of the Capital’s main holiday attractions are free! From the parade down Constitution Avenue, Performances from the Folklife Festival of the Smithsonian Institute, and ending the night with a concert featuring headliner Barry Manilow on the National Mall!  Add to all of this, the background of the breathtaking view of the Capital Sky illuminated with fireworks.

This event draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year (an estimated 700,00) and is broadcast on PBS and NPR stations. One of the highlights of the day’s events begins at 10 a.m. with the reading of the Declaration of Independence by actors portraying Thomas Jefferson, John adams, Benjamin Franklin.

Many people arrive extra early to stake out their seat on the lawn, but don’t worry there are plenty of activities planned all day long to keep the whole family busy. Public access to the mall begins at 10 a.m. with security check points, so plan well. You want to stream line your packing to make the security check points less stressful for your whole family.   Everything will be screened; backpacks, coolers, and all other such packages.

family friendly 4th of JulyWhat you should bring to enjoy your 4 of July celebration on the Mall

  • Your patience
  • A large lawn blanket
  • Camp chairs
  • Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Food and LOTS of water.
  • Toiletries like toilet paper, baby wipes, hand sanitizer.
  • Rain Jackets or Ponchos. If it should rain there will be a mad dash for the nearest coverings and they are very quickly packed!

 Fireworks over Washington DC

The Most Effective Strategy for Enjoying your Independence Day in D.C.:

  • Plan ahead what you will bring to avoid frustrations with security checks.
  • Use a picture book to teach small children about the service personnel they will be coming into contact with. Security checks and mounted police for instance.
  • Bring plenty of snacks and a water bladder or portable filtration to ensure you are staying hydrated in the heat of the Washington D.C. summer.
  • Arrive Early to stake out a great lawn spot and plan to relax and enjoy your day with the various activities offered.
  • Take frequent breaks from the sun inside the museums or museum food courtyards.


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