You don’t have to go far to get on a great peak if you live in or are visiting the Denver Metro Area.  If you only have time for a quick outing, these peaks are all on the front of the front range, a stone’s throw from civilization.   These are all great mountains and are all worth visiting.  Distance and elevation is not included, there are multiple routes up each peak.


  1. Mount Sanitas 6,843 ft.

Very popular hike,  parking can be impossible during peak hike times. This trail climbs up the south side of mount Sanitas.  Perfect length hike for a quick outing.  Popular bouldering on the lower half of the mountain.   Good sunny hike with great views of Boulder.
Start: Sunshine canyon, Boulder
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  1. Green Mountain – 8,150 ft.

Great hike.  Summit offers great viewing area of the Continental divide, plaque featuring names of the peaks makes it easy to identify what’s what.
Start: Gregory Canyon, Boulder
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  1. Bear Mountain – 8,459 ft.

Classic front range peak.  Stunning views of Boulder and the Indian Peaks from the summit. Beautiful hike the entire way,  Fern Canyon is wonderful.    If you only hike one peak on this list make it Bear.
Start: NCAR in Boulder  or Eldorado Springs.
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  1. Eldorado Mountain – 8,335 ft.

Just south of Eldorado Canyon,  Eldorado Mountain sits at a great location for incredible views.  Eldorado Mountain has a wild and out there feel.   Not much traffic on this peak.
Start: Trailhead before town of Eldorado Springs
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  1. Mount Galbraith – 7,260 ft.

A very mellow trail takes you high above Golden.   This trail is a great tour of the mountain, very nice  area.  Easy outing.
Start:  Northwest of Golden
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  1. Lookout Mountain – 7,377 ft.

Chimney Gulch is classic trail, great hike!  Amazing views of Clear Creek Canyon from Windy Saddle.  This trail can get busy after work with the mountain fitness crowd.
Start: West side of Golden
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  1. Green Mountain – 6,857 ft.

Green Mountain is a surprising beautiful area.  With breathtaking views of Downtown Denver, Golden, and Boulder make Green Mountain a wonderful place to hike and mtn bike.  There are Trailheads around the entire peak.   Many routes to summit.  Great Area.
West Lakewood
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  1. South Table Mountain – 6,332

The rock plateau above Golden is a great hike.   The classic summit above Golden is the perfect destination for quick hike. The  smell of beer being made adds to the charm.
Start:  East side of Golden
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  1. Mount Falcon – 7,851 Ft.

A mellow trail that is popular with both hikers and mtn bikers.   The remains of an old mansion on the summit make for a memorable hike.
Start: Morrison
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  1. Mount Morrison – 7,884 Ft.

This classic front range mountain is perched directly above Red Rock Amphitheater.  The trail starts steep and does not let up.  When you reach the ridge it is a bit of a  surprise of how big this mountain is.  Worth the effort.  Trailhead is closed during shows.
Start: South Entrance to Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison.
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