Packing light, nutritious, and delicious meals

Food for camping

You don’t have to skimp on flavor or nutrition when you are backpacking.

Start your day off right with a hearty breakfast meal. Breakfast is, and always will be, the most important meal of the day. For backpackers heading out into the Colorado wilderness, packing light but efficiently is essential. That doesn’t mean you have to skimp on flavor and the types of food you enjoy on your way.

We’re always looking for the best meals for camping, hiking, and backpacking. We’re looking to give you the best flavors without weighing down your backpack with a cast iron skillet and an Easy Bake oven.

Food for backpackers

All of our meals are lightweight and easy to pack. For overnight trips, we have every meal covered – breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as snacks. Our meals are quick and easy to prepare, especially our lunch options. We know you don’t want to spend a long time in the middle of your hike sitting down to prepare your lunch. We also know that you want more than just a protein bar. Snacks are snacks, not lunch. Staying energized and well-fed while hiking in the wilderness is important. You want to keep up your stamina and give your body the right nutrients to keep you alert and safe in the wild. You never know what you’ll find around the next trail bend.

Nutritious and easy to pack camping food

Delicious and nutritious meals for backpackers.
Photo: Lightweight Italian sandwich in a bag.

All of our meals are easy to prepare, easy to pack, and easy to carry. Most meals can be eaten straight out of the bag without cooking – like our lunch options – but when you need a good breakfast or a solid dinner after a day of physical activity, we’ve got mouth-watering dishes in a bag like breakfast skillets (bacon and sausage included) and hearty stews and chili meals for dinner around the campfire.

We even make sure that there are options for our vegetarian and paleo-geeks that still have great flavor and variety for life on the trail.

Camping meals in Colorado

Check out our large variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks. Make your next backpacking trip awe-inspiring and delicious!