Desert camping get’s a bad rap in the movies. Usually, it’s some poor soul walking through the desert, the camera giving you a birdseye view of someone dragging themselves through the sand in the blaring sun, no end in sight. A lonely track of footprints and miles and miles of hot desert sand spanning in either direction. When the camera comes in for a closeup, you see someone dangerously sunburned, dehydrated, with chapped lips and some sort of rag around their head.

But, this blog isn’t a “how to survive if you get lost in the desert” blog. It’s about how to have a great time camping in the desert and the camping accessories that will prevent you from suffering the same fate as our fictional hero.

Hydration for desert camping

Bring more water than you think you’ll need when camping in the desert.
Photo: Ledge Sports Gooseberry Hydration Pack

Preparing for Desert Camping

The first myth in the scenario is that the desert only has sand. The desert landscape is ever changing. As you drive through the desert to your campground, notice how the flora, colors, and textures change from moment to moment. Of course, there’s no getting around it; there’s going to be a lot of sand. And, a lot of sun too. So, when you prepare for desert camping, you have to be realistic about the environment.

Pitching a Tent in the Desert

The first thing you need for desert camping is the right tent. Along with sand and the sun, the desert is also going to have fluctuating temperatures. Plus, in the wide open spaces, the wind can prove a little challenging when pitching a tent and setting up camp. If you can, find a place that provides a little shade from the hot sun, as well as a little break from the winds. Because the desert winds can make your tent flap and rattle, creating a lot of noise and preventing sleep, think about getting a tent that has both a front and a back door. That way you can open up a big in either end and let the wind travel through, instead of banging up against it all night long.

Accessories for Desert Camping

Desert camping accessories

It’s going to get cold in the desert, so bring warm clothes.
Photo: Dahlgren Halfpass Socks

The most important desert camping accessories are water canisters and hydration systems, as well as, navigational gear. Dehydration is your biggest worry in the desert, so bring more water than you think you’ll need. And, unless you understand how to navigate using the sun and the stars, we recommend that you bring along a map and a GPS. As with any outdoor adventure, familiarizing yourself with the area where you are camping is always a good rule of thumb.

Warm Clothing for Desert Camping

One major misconception about desert camping is that it is always hot. But, if you only bring shorts and t-shirts, you’re going to be sorry come nighttime. The desert can get very chilly once the sun goes down, especially in the fall and winter months. Be sure to bring layers and a windbreaker.

Comfy Desert Camping

Rent camping accessories

Solar powered colored Luci lights are practical and will bring comfort to your camp.

Once you have all the necessary life-saving desert camping gear in place, it’s time to start thinking about the accessories that will make desert camp life comfy and fun. Get cooking gear and camp chairs for gourmet meals over the campfire. And, don’t forget to bring some lighting, because it’s going to get dark in the desert. We’ve got cute little Luci lights that will add ambiance to your camp. Plus, Luci lights are solar charged, so while the hot sun is blaring down during the day, your lamps are powering up to keep your camp lit up at night.

Desert Camping Accessories

We’ve got all the practical camping gear and all the fun camping accessories for a desert camping trip. Stop by our Denver outdoor retail shop to rent quality camping gear and accessories.